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A woman will tell herself that it is not a man that she needs but the company of her friends. They love to say that men are weak because words fall from our mouth in the same manner that our eyes pour out so much emotion even though our heart is in drought. But still, no lady friend can bring her to the altar of eternity. So she will pray for this one last thing. When all the joys are gone and yet a man chooses to remain, only then will she find her very special someone. But until then, she will remain as the name of the site we are going to review today speaks of: Wet and Pissy.

I hate the idea of being pissed off, but when a woman does it literally to a guy, boy, that sure is the hottest stuff my eyes were able to lay on. That excitement surges across the veins of my penis causing it to be at its greatest erectile position. That is the kind of feeling you will get from the videos of this porn site that makes itself quite an attention holder from all of its competition, and in the best, most successful ways. They don’t just fall in love once here. They fall in love a million times and not choose to remain in only one. But it’s not the saddest reminder at all because you’ll know that these girls will do as much to make as many men happy with the kind of thing it is that they do, and that is to give sensual pleasure in the most outrageous ways possible.

WetandPissy was started back in 2012 showcasing the hottest niche affiliate sites of its class. Some to mention would be the WeLikeToSuck, WetAndPuffy and a couple others more, which are for you to find out with the element of super surprise. It started with 130 videos, but the site has finally expanded to 400 videos, to date, with its feat being more diverse than its sole focus. You don’t only get to enjoy girls pissing during sex, but also those giving blowjobs, handjobs and all types of maneuvering techniques that make sex a more pleasing activity than it is.

Updates happen twice a month, every mid and end. Wet and Pissy, needless to say more, is the best of its kind. Pissing action has never been this fun!