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It kind of sucks to think that some people are destined to become greater persons than 99% of all humanity. But contrary to what is popularly believed, one of the major icons in the adult industry inspires all of his fans by saying that it doesn’t take magic or genetic composition to make a connoisseur of any craft. Instead, it takes more than just hard work and an unrelenting pursuit embodied by pure determination. And that makes more than just total sense. In case you are really puzzled as to who this person is, it is no other than a Casanova we all know who goes by the name of Viv Thomas. Let’s talk about his web creations now.

The first time I heard of this guy, I thought he was a girl. I mean, you can’t easily remove the bias of a Viv being taken to mean Vivian, right? But then what are names if they have to be labelled for exclusive genders? So much of all the fuss, this guy invites all of us to join him in a meaningful crusade where the objective is to fuck as many hoes as possible. As hard as it seems, he tells us that it is possible and when mastered, fucking girls becomes routine that does not take perceptible effort at all. This guy clearly lives up to his ends and what is even more interesting is that he is the one who does most of the work, right from picking up chicks all the way to the recording. But with the help of other pros in porno imagery and projection, his site has become more substantial, making it a staple for all porn fanatics.

In every episode or video, it begins with a brief introduction of all the cast that follows the title of the piece. The dramatic scheme follows, there’s the meeting of the characters, the climax wherein they will fuck hard as can be and then the girl submits to saying I love you to Viv. By then, he leaves then and gives them a lesson: that women are just as horny as men. And there are over 800 videos in the database, most of them are spontaneously recorded while the rest are seriously plotted and directed. Nevertheless, all the girls in the videos are not necessarily porn stars, but the girls he is able to pick up on the road, in different countries as he voyages across the seas. Download the videos as you may and check out weekly updates as they come.

The quality, HD. The action, it sums up into euphoria with the plot so interesting. Overall, Viv Thomas gets a 9.7 out of 10. Definitely worth the sub!