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Go on. Admit it. You are fascinated at least on some level by shemales. It’s ok, you are not alone and if more people visited TS Playground, then they too would be grabbed by this particular genre of porn.

Of course it does mean that there is little explanation required as to what the site is all about, but the one thing that we can say is that you get exclusive content shot in HD and featuring some of the best shemales in the world of porn. When you also then consider the fact that they are in full on hardcore action, then you can at least see why this site has become so popular. 

The site itself has not been around for that long, but it has managed to get a reasonable amount of content on there, so it is closing in on 200 movies and picture galleries in total. This is certainly enough to at least get your interest in this type of porn going and with them updating throughout the month there are at least new scenes to check out.

With the action, then they do like to vary things. Some scenes will have the shemales fucking one another, or them being fucked by guys, and at times they also include another female who likes to get in on the action as well. It just all adds up to hot fucking that you are going to struggle to take your eyes off of.

TS Playground does also then give you a number of bonuses with them all focusing on different genres of shemales or different types of fucking. I really do think that you will find yourself clicking on those links out of curiosity and a desire to see more and you will be hooked into this type of porn.

Overall, I was seriously impressed by TS Playground and I know you will be too if you dare to venture to their site and see what all of the fuss is about.