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Tainster juggles both the needs and functions of being a porn network and community where member can interact freely. There is a nice massive selection of porn action they have. The number of sites that the network manages is 18. This gives them the ability to give you massive wild niche of porn you can enjoy. There is messy and hardcore kind of action inside. The network makes their material, which they distribute through their sites. They have been known to make DVD movies as well. If you like what you see inside the tour page, then it’s time to pay up that euro fee they charge and enter the members area, which is what we did!

If you are determined to watch every single thing this network has, you will be looking at a mountain of content. The network offers members over 4560 movies and over 4568 picture galleries. Overall, you are going to have to spend hours upon hours of continuous sessions if you want to clear all their material, which is simply not practical or possible. Anything new that these guys make nowadays is layered with the quality that only can be seen in high res images and HD movies. That means 1080p videos that impress the hardest of porn fans. The intensity of the sex is multiplied when the scenes are so vivid and clear. The orgasms seem more real, closer, more enjoyable!

We also applaud them for the variety of porn material that they have inside the Tainster network. What we could clearly see is that “crazy ass porn” is something they take great joy in producing. If you are looking for mainstream, plus niches with creative twists to them, then this network and the sites inside will really excite you. You find that the network has formats that are friendly for mobile devices, as well as flv, mp4 file format. The picture sets have 100 or more images in each set, plus, you get something like over 416 models across the network. They have included some 270 DVD movies in there with lots of archived shows offered as well. The network updates daily with absolutely no downloading limitations.

Material that was added back from 2005 to the other earlier years may not be the HD quality of 1080p videos they add nowadays. Some people also find the members area a bit unclean, meaning there is a lot of stuff that should be removed to give it a better look and presentation. Apart from a few minor annoyances, these guys have done one heck of a job with the network.

Tainster looks and feels like a quality network with hundreds of pics/movies that will keep you entertained. When you judge from a holistic perceptive, this network definitely has soil hardcore porn material and marvelous productions. You should check them out!