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A friend once told me that if you’re bored, that means to say you’re not using your time well. You see, there’s so much that life has to offer and the very reason that you find nothing of excitement in your journey is that you’re not really being critical about life and the things around you and the whole experience of being human. Other people would say that they’d rather live in the TV shows. I mean, why even wish for something that’s not gonna be in any way possible when there are things you can do just by being you and trying to explore the human experience? That’s why when I watch porn, I don’t settle for anything less than resonant to reality. That’s why I choose nothing but Reality Junkies.

What should you know about the site? The thing about anything is that there’s a limitless expanse of space for it to be filled much more for it to be discovered. That is the thing with the Junkies, you get more than what you would come to expect. There’s much more to it than what your eyes would come to see and what your mind would come to make sense of. In other words, it is, just like real life, enigmatic, in comparison to the boring one human apathy has come in false acquaintance with. They put real girls into the show, I mean girls that are not just actress but are seriously willing to put out just for the sake of life and its bliss.

I hope I’m not coming off to vague, but here’s the point of my discussion. is filled with porn material that are true to life, unscripted, unstaged, just purely spontaneous sex done by actual people, not actresses, who are also people but you get my point, right? As of today, there are about 450 plus videos that you get to watch and just last week, I received a newsletter from the site saying that they will have around 10 videos coming up with the update bundled they’re going to inject into the long established database. Now isn’t that cool? 20 minutes of fun filled action in every video, real life submissions, truly impassioned girls commencing in unrefined yet fully authentic videos.

If you’re now actually planning to subscribe into the Reality Junkies database, that’s great because they are now under a promotional rate of 9.95 a month. Get to enjoy their set goodies and experience what is yet to come in this ever growing legion of real life porno.