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There is no perfect man. But there is always that man whose only reason for being is to invent a world that will make you happy. You can’t love wrongly and live right. It makes no sense to ask a man about his intentions. What we intend to do in life often takes away the authentic sense of our freedom. It is enough that a man is in love. The man I’m talking about is someone who can really take any woman distances, to the far reaches she has dreamed of. He’s called the Public Agent and you know what I’m talking about because he’s always in love with a new woman as she comes and makes all of her dreams come true.

A woman doesn’t have to ask him about some purpose. If she does, then she would by-pass what is so sweet about the mystery of a man falling for a woman. Superheroes can save the whole world from monsters and aliens. But the PublicAgent, he’s got it all covered. He can make the girl earn as much money as her heart desires and give her all the orgasms she feels the need to experience. All this he is able to do because he is smart, witty, good looking and most importantly, he’s got the money and the connections for his women to make it really big in the greater scheme of the adult entertainment world. You can see all the of fated successes before they make it big here on this site.

Starting with the interviews going all the way to the “demos.” You’re really in for some one of a kind pornographic ride with how they do things. 1500 videos multiplying to over 2000 scenes going from blowjobs, handjobs and all sorts of fucking techniques to make the whole experience hotter and more sumptuous. Our guy would ask for a foreplay tactic as well, showing us colorful ideas by women at their prime with their sex lives. All good stuff really with right about 1500 models in the making, auditioning and jump starting their way into a bigger realm. What I love more would be the quality of the videos. HD excellence that is up for downloading as well.

The thing I really love most about Public Agent is that every woman has a story and it’s so hard not to get attached to them because of the feels they are able to imbue. So they embrace their wilder side and make the world a better place to be.

But it is only in our vulnerability that we might find love. The gods of Olympus are indestructible, but only mortals can guiltless suffer from the misfortune of falling for someone.