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Jav HD is a website that specializes in uncensored Japanese sex. Anyone who has looked at a fair amount of porn has found that the porn that is made in Japan is limited by the fact that it is illegal to show genitals in their videos, essentially defeating the purpose of porn entirely.

The site has a firm hold on the industry, since they are essentially making videos that will put the other sites out of business because they are not afraid to show what the other sites cannot. Right now this site has a great deal of different and interesting videos. At the last count they were up to almost sixteen thousand different videos on the site, but do not count on them to be unique to the site. After all, that is almost as many videos as a tube porn site is liable to have.

The Jav HD site also has fifty seven thousand different pictures for you to look through as you are navigating the site. Speaking of navigation, the way that the site is set up will definitely help you find just the video that you are looking for because they have a modified search bar that inputs key words into your searches so that they turn up even more meaningful content for you to look at. The site also has an interesting array of models, right now they have four hundred and eighty women working for the site, and they are all experienced. You can lave comments on their videos and even set up a private chat with some of them if you are willing to sign up for the site and commit to giving them credits.

In order to join Jav HD you will need to set up a payment plan. This site will charge you about one dollar a day or $29.95 a month. Like other sites you can find certain deals to take advantage of in order to avoid paying the full price. Overall, this site is above average because it presents a plethora of interesting content and has a somewhat uniform presentation quality.