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Before you join the website GF Revenge, you need to be 18 years of age, which is the age of consent. It’s the legal requirement. Since you are 18 and above, you are an adult, and all adults know about revenge. Well this place contains the revenge of ex lovers who are submitting content into the website. According to the website that is, the submission come from boyfriends, lovers, jealous scumbags, and whoever else has footage of girlfriends having sex. The videos could have been filmed privately, or they could have been experimental tryouts that the couple were doing just to see if they could. They could be personal videos in the sort of sex tapes as seen in the leaked videos of celebs that has gotten much attention of late.
Okay, enough with the weird descriptions and lectures, let’s get into reviewing the content they have. It’s what you came for after all.

What you came for inside this website is grown inside the network that is called GF Leaks. You know these guys because they are very famous for doing young babe content in multiple niches. Anyway, the network is awesome, so it follows simple logic that this website would shine because of this fact. It does. The girlfriends are either exes or current girlfriends, it depends. But what common thing they have is the sort of body beauty that they have, from fly looking asses, breasts, young legs, innocent faces, long hair, and smoothest of skins. There could be girlfriends from different backgrounds, but a huge portion of the gallery is white young beauties.

What could be the reason anyone could be attracted to submitting private content, why would they? Money of course, it’s the reason why anyone ever does anything really. It’s supposed to be that submitter receive cash for their content. Thank the fact that the cameras, which are used by the so-called submitter, are in such sharp resolutions too. There are many cameras, small and large that can produce high definition videos nowadays, all hail technology! Anyway, the videos you open up inside this place are from normal resolution to the HD ones. It’s a little chaotic for the picture galleries, since they have sets that have anything from 3 to 40 jpegs, resolution also fluctuating like you’ll get high and low and anything in the middle.

Anyway, you’ll be busy watching thirty-minute revenge films. The amount here is substantial when it comes to videos. Amateur filming, sliding and out of focus angles, and other little things to make you believe that the material is shot by real submitter is seen in the videos they have here. It could be either annoying, or it could be boner inducing, depends on what you like.

GF Revenge comes with bonus sites so they do you proper in making sure you have all the variety you need. If you consider joining this place, visit them, tour inside, you’ll most likely sign up!