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Exploited College Girls is exactly what is sounds like. They set up a fake dorm room or library and have the college age models come in and have all different kinds of sex while saying that all of it is filmed on campus and such. Once you get past that line of lies it is rather easy to see that the only thing that this site has going for them is the fact that they have access to many young, college aged or close enough, models.

Their videos are many of the same things that you will see on any other site with a lot of cream pie and blow jobs to keep everyone happy. There is a good amount of videos, though; at last count they had just cycled over the five thousand videos mark which is great when you consider that many sites tend to flounder and fail at two thousand videos.

The main draw of Exploited College Girls is that the women are young, even though some of the male actors are in their mid to late thirties, which may actually harm the experience of people that are looking for a little bit of realism to go along with their porn. The homepage is filled with girls that are actually models on the site, and you can click on any of their portraits to take you to their profile where you can see the work that they have done and actually get a preview once in a while. If you are looking to join this particular site they have many different payment options and membership times that you can subscribe to. The site is expensive because they have young models so you will need to decide if it is actually worth the money.

Exploited College Girls is considered average due to the models being young and hot, but the rest of the site is so disingenuous that it may as well just be open with its customers for what it is: showing off young hotties in a fake college.