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Have you ever been invited to be an MC or a DJ in women only party? I have attended some birthdays, graduation ceremonies and bachelorette parties as a DJ and sincerely speaking girls can get so wild and dirty in these events. But I have never been invited as a stripper and seeing how boys are enjoying themselves in Dancing Bear, I am considering adding stripper services to my DJ services.

Dancing Bear is a site that features male strippers who are tasked with the job of entertaining women in their parties. Just like you enjoy viewing a naked ass or a spread pussy, women enjoy looking at a huge erect penis. After having enough to drink, many of them will want to have a hold of it and suck it. At the same time, the horny ones will want to bend over and have the huge dick pounding their ass or wet pussies from behind while other women cheer them on.

This is exactly what happens in this site. Some few guys come to the women parties wearing furry bear costumes. They dance for them and then remove the costume to expose their fit bodies and mammoth dicks. Wild girls and women take turns to suck the cocks and some of them get a nice hardcore fucking while the camera guys do their professional work to bring us the entertainment in HD quality videos. Most of the women remain fully clothed but those involved in the action normally remove their pants and lifts up their skirts to expose their lovely asses. They also remove their tits from the bras and sometime do a tity fuck with the guys.

The site is simple to navigate since the materials are presented in thumbnails at the homepage. There are category tags and other simple tools to help you while browsing. Videos are presented in various formats including WMV (852×489; 1610kbps), MP4 (484×360; 890kbps) and HD MP4 (1280×720; 3030kbps). Photos mostly open up into images of 655×480 pixels.

Dancing Bear is the ultimate sex party site online currently. They showcase some sexy and mostly fully clothed women getting wild, sucking dicks and getting fucked like crazy while other women cheer them on. The site is part of the Bang Bros network so you get to enjoy huge bonuses in addition to the 103 videos that are in the archives of this site. I have no doubt that all your hardcore and fetish desires with hot clothed women will be fully satisfied here.