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Times are getting tougher by the day and I can really say that the global economy is getting much worse than it has been since I became aware of its being. I am just thankful that despite all of the crises going on, I am still able to enjoy the privilege of being a student in the higher education. College is so great in the best of ways. It gives you the opportunity to have a better career path and it has so many things in between. The freedom is also quite exceptional and we see all that happen with College Rules.

I am pretty sure that you have come across the name of this site, so it must really ring a strong bell into your ears. That makes total sense, because this resource has become so popular these days, it has actually become one of the staples in the adult industry. It has become the paradigm of the niche it has undertaken and I would second all of the praises it has since been receiving because it is truly exceptional for what it doesn’t even have to try to be. And you know what really makes college setting inspired videos much better for the eyes? It is when they are not staged and merely submissions by a bunch of college kids who want to express their freedom and rebellion to the norm. In simpler terms, all of the videos you get to see from this site are epic!

If you were to ask me, I would always prefer quality over the crude mere quantity draws upon its audience. The reason I’m telling you this is that College Rules does not have the thousands that you might be expecting. No. Instead, they exhibit the best possible submission videos anybody can ever watch for entertainment. Each video would not fall below the 40-minute mark, which makes the whole premise seemingly climactic, in every sense of the word. The girls are fucking gorgeous and angelic that you wouldn’t expect they’d do something so coquettish right in front of the cam. It’s the 100 plus videos that would serve to you as a total bliss!

College Rules pays all of the videos it presents and that is why you have to pay them too because they’re simply paying for your entertainment. Downloading is limited to one video every day and you can enjoy grabbing as many pics as you want. Further, new submissions are released at every end of the month and that is something you need to look out for.