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If there was ever a site that juts lets you know what they have by the name that they chose, it must be Buttman! This site is just about butts, small, big, round, kinky, freaky, acrobatic, incredible, flexible, butts! Those who have intense devotion to the female butt are simply going to have the time of their lives inside this site!

What happens to the butts? Well, they are shaken, they are eaten, they are penetrated, and are worshiped inside this butt-centered site. Ok, enough with the words, let’s look at some of the key things that makes this site simply great! The dude who came up with this site is called John Stagliano. He has won very many awards in the industry and known for his burning desire for everything that has to do with the female booty. He is also known for his skills, both acting and producing, and the superior quality that he produces all his porn movies.

Having said this, you know that you should be expecting high quality porn inside this site. You will have navigational tools that allow you to check out the latest, most watched, recent, and DVD action that the site has to offer. The site looks like they do update frequently and are constantly growing with more butt action, babes, and porno.

More is always better, but right now, Buttman has something like 811+ videos and some 334+ picture galleries. This is a lot of stuff to watch. You will have a default streaming player that offers various viewing options. The HD material looks wonderful when you stream and members can choose the streaming option that best fits their internet speed connection.

Most videos come in high and low resolution formats. You will have mp4 and windows media file formats. Movies take 30 minutes mostly. All the scenes inside are drawn from existing DVD movies. You will get information about the DVD movies, the performers, and other related content. The site has both full-length films and clips. You choose what you want. The search features inside means fast searching of material, and models. Among the search features, you can select material based on pornstars, series, DVD, most watched, or other criteria you will see inside. It is clear as day that the navigation layout of this site was made to make sure users have the easiest time searching and watching the material.

You have bonus sites from the Evil Angel network that you can check out for more action. You will have more niches (and butts) plus access to one of the best networks in the market. Anally, you really cannot beat the variety, the nastiness, the sexual abilities of the gal inside this site. It’s clear that Buttman brings to the table a superior collection of porn that has many stars, many butts, and lots of anal sex. If anal is your thing, this is the site you need!