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The premise at Backroom Casting Couch is actually too familiar as a bunch of girls come in to audition for something. We never know if it is a movie role or just a modeling gig. Whatever it is, they talk to the camera dude for a few minutes before the clothes eventually come off. It is a one man crew as the guy is also the one doing the fucking. Nobody knows why there was nobody else there to do the fucking for him as he wanted to do everything by himself.

Of course, nobody is complaining about the fact that we never get to see his face the entire time. There are times when two girls get interviewed at the same time. There is an amateur feel during the entire interview if you can call it that. The Backroom Casting Couch girl actually asks the interviewer why she is being recorded but she won’t care about that when cum is all over her face. Most of the girls are really hot as you can tell they have the bodies to show off for.

The good part starts when the girls take off their clothes slowly and the guy behind the camera unleashes his dirty cock. Of course, the girl has to oblige so she proceeds to suck the life out of the dude. The camera work here is amateur style as it won’t focus on one thing especially when the sex starts. The camera can move at times but that can be expected.

A lot of comedy ensues when the girls get shocked that someone they just met would want to see what they have beneath their bra and panties. Of course, he has to have a good reason for asking them to do that and that is exactly the case. The girls come from different countries so you can tell a lot of them really want whatever it is they are offering. The girls here on Backroom Casting Couch are really hot and it is easy to envy the dude who is controlling all of the action In fact, there are times when you feel he can dictate what the girls will do next.

It is like he has a remote control on his hands that he can push so the girls can strip down to absolutely nothing It won’t be long now before your cock gets really hard especially when there are two girls getting interviewed at the same time instead of one.