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Sweetheart Video Promo Code

New Sweetheart Video Promo Codes


$29.95 $9.95 for 30 days (67% OFF)


If you get off on seeing women enjoying each other in various ways, Sweetheart Video will be like a dream paradise for you.

Lesbian Sex at Its Best

The genre is pure lesbian joy and trust me, these girls are not very sweetheart in their approach to fucking. Here, you can enjoy hardcore, panting women craving each other’s bodies and screaming for more.

The Sweetheart Video models vary in age and looks, Nina Hartley is one well known hot cougar on their books. So there is even mature and teen lesbian fucking to watch.

Opening up the site, you are struck by the great design and pink and white approach with some real horny scenes featured in the middle. A pale redhead is enjoying some carnal pleasures with an ebony curvaceous beauty. It appears then, that here anything goes.

Once Joining You Get Access to Their Massive Network

Scenes include anal licking, face sitting, anal with dildos and all other hardcore genres. Once you join, you get access to their huge network which includes hetro sex. With saucy titles like “Mom’s Cuckold” and “My Wife’s Sister”, you get the feel of the sites basic horniness and kink. The point is, that there is something for everyone here.

Content is Excellent

There are 570 full movies, 142 DVDs, 319 models and over 300,000 photographs. Sweetheart Video is easy to navigate through, with all the footage neatly ordered. You can search per scene or model to find what you are looking for and with the highest rated feature you get to see what everyone else thinks is hot. This cuts down on search time and helps you get to what you are looking for. Plus, you can vote too once a member. This ensures that your favorite videos and models are on the front page.

The network is super hot featuring MILFS, huge tits, forbidden affairs and the “Baby Sitting Diaries” where horny couples use the babysitter for their own perverted pleasure.


This site appeals to both males and females and is well presented. The content is suitably plentiful and there are regular updates daily. The blog and other features give it that warm community feel and you get to know the models a little better. Some of the models are well known and are porn-stars whilst others are new, which is a great mix to throw together. The site is hardcore and also sensual which, is guaranteed to help you get your rocks off.

Downloads and streaming is available and there are no limits.

Team Skeet Discount

New Team Skeet Discounts


$28.97 $9.87 for 30 days

$4.99 per month for 1 year (83% OFF)


Team Skeet is a dedicated teen site set on looking at all the dirty antics teens get up to everyday and of course the one’s you fantasize about on a regular basis. Here, you will get to see coeds in all their nimble glory being banged and sexually devoured in various different ways all for your viewing pleasure. Although, to be honest it seems they are in fact, doing most of the devouring!

Let’s go take a look inside to see what they are really dishing up.

The chicks that make up this site are super hot, super slim and tight, just what you would expect from a site dedicated to girls aged 18-19 years old.

There are over 700 horny teens on Team Skeet’s data-base and they range in ethnicity, size and personality. There is some really hot ‘bubble ass’ as well as slimmed down versions for you to enjoy. Which, goes to show this site has not left out anyone’s taste. This is good of course simply because variety is always key when planning to make a website your home base.

The Front Page Shows The High Quality of Movies

The opening page features some of the latest videos uploaded and the clarity is perfect. A lot of scenes are shot POV style as seen with some lucky dude receiving a blow job from a hot brunette. All the movies have the “HD” stamp of approval on the right hand corner. So, at least you know you are getting quality. The topic and scenes are varied and include threesomes, cream-pie and lesbian.

Still on the first page, the movies have nice additional features like “Most Viewed”, “Most Recent”, “Highest Rated” and “Girls Name” tabs to help you find what you want.

The best part about Team Skeet  is that a lot of these girls are amateurs which means fresh faces and realistic scenes. They claim that they have the “Hot girls next door” on their books and who hasn’t fantasized about them?

So, What Do You Get If You Join?

First of all you get access to 16 HD sites featuring some of the hottest genres in porn, featuring teen girls. “She’s New”, “Step-Siblings”, “This Girl Sucks” will give you an idea of where you are headed with this.

They have over 1000 HD scenes and update daily will a mix of seasoned teens and newbies which just adds to the fun and reality.

You can download the goodies onto various formats including streaming. This makes it easier for anyone accessing the site to get what they want. If you do experience any difficulties they have 24 hour support.


Great quality movies, perfect photographs and an extra saucy team of models and amateurs makes this site very appetizing. It is hardcore so if you are not into that, don’t bother even contemplating joining. The girls are super hot, as teens tend to be and you even get to see chicks experiencing their first cock. Team Skeet pricing is fair and there are discounts available for different term memberships.