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It is in, and through love, that life becomes most meaningful, for even when there’s no future ahead, no treasures, nor a bountiful harvest to look forward to, being with the one and the only one person you desire to spend your whole life with, is like your soul dancing in the rain, and telling you why it truly matters to live. But as much as I’d like to believe the physical aspect has very little bearing on this whole finding a partner thing, there is and it’s always the greater bearing if you ask me.

It’s the same way I fell in love with my girlfriend, I saw her ass first and then I saw her face and then I gave her the signals and she got to my aggression and it was a spark that I already saw coming. Now, let me share to you a porn site that always reminds me of her. It’s called the Ass Parade.

You might think it’s just another junk site that’s trying to fill its database with crappy videos so long as there are big asses. No. This is one hell of a classy porn site if you ask me and you’re not gonna regret every penny that you will have spent for a subscription. I was once skeptic about this site too but my friends convinced me and I’m glad I acceded to their request because since then, I would always have something to remind me that I am lucky to have such a bootylicious girlfriend and with that, I couldn’t ask for anything more.

What are you supposed to expecting from Ass Parade? I’m gonna tell you one thing, it’s the massive effect. It’s like all the asses in the world have conglomerated to make the perfect entity. That gets truer all the more given that they update the database every week. For now, you have a list of 2,300 videos to watch. You get to save videos into your favorites and then turn it into your own playlist because I’m telling you, all the kinds of asses here are like remixes of your most favorite songs. The sound of the girls as they get fucked in their asses are truly music to my ears.

While it is all true that I do love the videos of this site, my love for my own will always be the one and only thing I’ll be holding on to. I’m just here to share you the kind of glory I have once enjoyed ‘cause you might need it to. All that with the Ass Parade.