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It is almost foolish, this endeavour, and utterly hypocritical in the light of universal moralities so easily said but now so rarely (if ever) done. There is, I believe, no problem at all with love itself, but a great problem so deeply ingrained in the people of these times who claim to love, but know nothing of its costs, and the whyfores of why one should pursue it. In the end, it’s all about what we are able to put up, the kind of art we are able to produce. Let Art Lingerie express itself to you and speak directly to your prurient soul.

We have forgotten, I know not how, how love was initially measured by the number of times one went out of their way to be with their beloved, to laugh with their beloved, to grieve with their beloved, to dedicate life and possessions to best provide for their beloved, and to fight for their beloved no matter the raging maelstroms of life. As a famous philosopher once said, tragedies are important to one’s artful creations. One must be thankful for all the bad things that has happened in his life. You will see the rewards of all the pain and the suffering that had to be endured. The aftermath is where all bliss lies. This site is the aftermath, the source of all eternal happiness for every man with a lewd predestination.

I have been around in Art Lingerie for a while now. I’ve done quite a lot too. Been there, done that. But everytime I sit on a sunny afternoon and stare at the sky with clouds floating, I feel a profound sense of peacefulness in every A-Lingerie vid. The kind that no money can buy. The sky and clouds and the whole world in general reminds me that we own everything and at the same time we don’t own anything.

That our lives are fleeting yet we are eternal. And for that, we should spend the rest of our lives doing what we want to do with the people we love. Sex. And there are 483 scenes in the site affirming that supposition. Each video contains different couples fucking and different ways of doing it. For 10 minutes worth each, the satisfaction you’ll get would be tantamount to a trilogy of LOTR, in case you’re a geek which means that would arouse you.

I will only be me, I am me for a while, for as long as the universe allows me to be. Then I will fade and expire, but I will come back as something else. Something that might not be recognizable, something that might bear no resemblance to my former self. Like the clouds that change shape with the passing of time. But I’ll be around, always, especially with Art Lingerie by my side to keep me going in my adventures of life and love.